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About Us

Who Are We?

Happy Valley is located in Simon’s Town, Cape Town. We are a temporary Homeless Shelter providing a stepping stone into recovery and away from homelessness. The Facility is a registered NPO which was started in 1996 by Mr. Duraan, the local Magistrate at the time, and is currently run by various Community Members, Staff and assisted by local Churches.

With increasing homelessness and limited State funds, Happy Valley relies on the generosity of others and fundraising to meet the demands of the ongoing running costs and homelessness issues.

We are always trying to find ways of improving our already good infrastructure, which is a struggle to maintain.

Currently, Happy Valley is in the process of repair and renovations on some of the infrastructure and facilities. This will be done in phases as to not hinder the daily functioning of the shelter, & to pay attention to each phase specifically for its maximum potential & outcome.


Happy Valley Home caters to 65 residents on a 6-month basis. With 25 women & 40 men all over the age of 18, who reside in separated dorms.

Meet Our Stars,
The Management


Joanie Markman, Supervisor

An Angel with a huge heart, this sympathetic and understanding lady is an ex-resident and serves as a General Supervisor
During the day.

Steven Khwisa, Supervisor

Steven attends the nightly management duties, always smiling and always willing to assist. He is integral to the facilities daily operations.

Delia Cottle, Social Worker

This Amazing Woman has been asked to assist with day-to-day counseling and provides long-term goals of upliftment for the residents.

021 786 5087

689 Palace Hill rd, Simon's Town

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